Let me introduce myself and A Calm Mom…

My name is Ashley and I am a new mom. Before becoming a mother, I felt anything but calm. I was anxious often. I worried about my
future, my past, my present, and everything in between.

But I always hoped and prayed that I would be a calm mom.

And to my amazement and surprise…that is the Number One compliment I have gotten since becoming a mom…

I think it’s a little bit ironic. I’m still anxious in lots of other areas of my life…(call my husband, he’ll tell you!)…but so far as a mom I keep it pretty calm. (On the outside at least).

The truth is, keeping calm is a learning game for me. Each and every day, I must make a choice to be a calm mom. And wife. And daughter, friend, neighbor, so on. Basically to be a calm Me. (but lets face it a calm mom.com sounds cooler than a calm me.com…)

Anyways, I started this blog for two reasons. One, to share my insights with the rest of the moms out there about how I am becoming and being a calm mom. Two, and more importantly, it’s to inspire myself. This blog is my inspiration board for the Ashley who might get overwhelmed in a few weeks, a few days, or even a few hours, who might slip back into old ways, or learn new ones…and may need a little reminder of how to be A Calm Mom.

Join me, won’t you? It’d be so much more fun to learn together.



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