Things I Say To My Daughter…That Teach Me About G-d

blog series- things i say photoThis is my new series all about how being a parent truly does help us to understand G-d’s ways. Let me explain. It has been said that G-d is like a parent to us; a loving Father. It is also said, that being a parent enables us to understand this role Hashem (G-d) plays in our lives. A lot of times a mashal (parable) is used to explain this: a child goes with his father to the doctor. On that day, the doctor needs to give the child a shot. The child starts crying and looking at the father like, “Why? Why would you let this man hurt me?”

Two ideas are usually taken from this. One is that, of course while the child thinks the father is doing something seemingly bad for the child, the father knows that this is actually good and what the child needs. Second is that, after the shot, the child goes right back home with that father, taking his hand to walk back to car, without any seemingly new level of distrust. On some level, the child understands that the father did what he did to protect him and will continue to do so. This is also what we understand of Hashem. That while at times we don’t understand why things are happening to us, Hashem has our best interest in mind.

Well, with all of that said, I continue to see how as a parent I say things to my little girl, that help me better understand G-d and His Ways. Stay tuned to see how…


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